Darrell Anderson, one of Colorado’s top artists and art consultants, also happens to be one of our favorite clients.

We were honored when he asked Media Salad to help him build a website where he could show off his award-winning work and share details about the public-art projects that are not only near and dear to his heart, but also will serve as inspirational touchstones for generations of Coloradans to come.

Darrell’s site is intentionally simple, affordable and one he can update himself. However, as he has the time and desire, Darrell also knows he can count on the Media Salad team to expand the site’s functionality and to train him on how to manage those tools, too. For example, he is considering adding platforms for e-commerce and online learning that would allow his clients to purchase art lessons directly from his site — and also work at their own pace.

We hope you will visit Darrell online at