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Our team of experts will work with you to craft a custom solution for your needs.

I need a digital marketing strategy and help managing it

You know your business, and you know your market, but can you effectively communicate what makes you different on a continuing basis? How about across dozens of communications networks? That’s why Media Salad is different. Our staff of veteran business journalists and infographics specialists know how to sharpen business messages and keep them current and highly relevant. We create the compelling content that helps achieve desired results — and then we help you share it with the world.

We'll help you with ...

  • Assessments & Analysis: We analyze organizations’ communications — from strategy to development to distribution — to help them work more efficiently and save money.
  • Website Production & Blogging: It’s not just “blogging” or “content” to us. Our business writers are subject-matter experts who have planned, developed and produced online communications for some of the world’s largest news organizations.
  • Social Media Management: We work continually on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and all the others so you don’t have to. And because we’ve helped hone your message, we know how to maintain brand-appropriate posts and maximize their impact across networks.
  • E-mail Management: We produce compelling e-mail digests and quick-hit messages to reach your target audiences. We also analyze subscriber engagement to spot new business opportunities.
  • Graphic Design: From corporate collateral and courtroom exhibits to digital designs with geolocation, our infographics specialists have sharp eyes for critically important technical details. When it’s time to get funky and fun, we can hang then, too.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We will help you increase awareness and sales by making it easier for people to find you online.

I need to refresh my brand

First impressions are critical, and a sharp, clean look can make all the difference.

We'll help you with ...

  • Graphic Design: Always up on the latest trends, our graphic artists will work with the best parts of your existing identity or create something fresh and new. We’ll develop custom color and font palettes and usage guides.
  • Identity Packages: We deliver the collateral our clients desire — including all of the traditional stuff, such as business cards, brochures, corporate capabilities statements, sponsorship ads and business forms.
  • Focus Group Feedback: We work with marketing executives to gather the information required to understand brand effectiveness.

I need winning business proposals and presentations

Media Salad’s team of veteran business journalists and digital designers works with executives in many industries across the public and private sectors to answer Requests for Business Proposals (RFPs) and grant applications. Media Salad also produces presentations that land important deals. And do we know how to beat a deadline.

We'll help you with ...

  • Business Proposals/RFP Responses:  Our work is smart, clear, compelling and thorough — and it wins multimillion-dollar contracts. We also deliver information and design services that will help you close a deal.
  • White Papers: We can turn the market intelligence we collect into public reports that will mark you as an industry thought leader. We’ll also help you determine when, where and with whom to share your business insights.
  • Language Translation: When you’ve got something important to say, don’t stop with one language.

I need market intelligence

We find key signals in the informational noise by searching public records, observing public meetings, conducting interviews, attending industry events and studying web metrics. Our clear and concise reports help executives determine their next steps.

We'll help you with ...

  • Research & Analysis: We’ll keep tabs on your competitors – and you. We work with busy executives in the c-suite, business development, sales and marketing offices to deliver the information they need, but don’t have the time or expertise the find. The landscape changes quickly, and you can’t afford to get caught unaware or unprepared.
  • On-Site Reporting: We dispatch experienced reporters to trade shows, conferences, municipal meetings — and anywhere else you can’t be. We’re your expert eyes and ears. Our reports will help you track important developments, identify opportunities and anticipate next steps.
  • Web Analytics: We’ll track online engagement with your social media networks, blogs and other digital properties to help you know more about why you’re getting noticed — and how you can capitalize on that attention.

I need to build something online

An online presence is critical in the modern marketplace. Whether you need to get your word out or sell, we’ll build you a digital home to grow your business.

We'll help you with ...

  • Website Development & Maintenance: Our skilled team builds beautiful and effective websites using best practices in design, functionality and messaging. Working with our partner, WordPress Support HQ, we provide hosting and software updates for reasonable, monthly fees.
  • Functional Mockups & Prototypes: We will take your great ideas and convert them into an online model, or mockup. To help you clear this crucial hurdle, we build functional mockups that honor this basic Lean Startup technique: Do the smallest thing possible to learn from customers. Mockups are a great way to test and revise your ideas before you commit to building particular solutions.
  • Custom Development: You will get everything you need — and nothing that you don’t. We use many methods and practices that greatly increase the chances of success, including Agile development; fast feedback and quick iteration; and small development teams, which offer greater speed and flexibility.

I need a communications plan, and help making it happen

Whether you’re trying to build a strong marketing and communications department, develop a public campaign or swiftly address a work-related crisis, we are ready to assist.

We'll help you with ...

  • Department Creation & Staff Training: We help businesses organize their communications processes and teams for maximum effectiveness. We develop communication budgets and plans for staffing and workflow processes. Our highly experienced communicators are also great teachers who work alongside in-house staff to show them how to work smarter, not harder.
  • Special Projects & Campaigns: We’re ready to step in at any stage of the creative process to ensure your communications are timely and highly relevant, that all of your initiatives are in sync — and that you can see the measurable results of your efforts.
  • Media Training: Trust our team of veteran journalists: Don’t talk to news organizations unless you know how, when, why and where to talk to news organizations.

I just need to talk about communications.

That’s our favorite subject! We look forward to hearing from you.