Finding qualified construction trade workers throughout much of the United States is becoming more difficult — but we’ve got ideas for effective construction job recruitment.

First, a quick rundown of the current situation: The construction sector hired a record 61,000 jobs in February, an 11-year record for a single month, according to The Wall Street Journal. Over the past year, the construction industry has hired 250,000 workers, an increase in hiring that outpaces almost every other industry. Hiring has become especially difficult in high-growth markets, such as our home base of Denver, where worker shortages are reported in all construction sectors.

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Smart approaches to construction hiring

Craft a great hiring pitch. Sure, your construction firm has built fantastic hospitals, world-class entertainment complexes and cutting-edge school campuses, but how do you explain why top-notch talent should work with you? What is your messaging, and is it in sync with your corporate culture? Do you communicate the angles various job-seekers consider — such as why your firm is family-friendly, how it supports community causes, why it believes diversity of staff helps ensure better outcomes and how it provides opportunities for professional growth? Is your messaging easy to understand and remember? Contact us for a review of your messaging. We’re happy to help you shape and sharpen it.

Build an online strategy to communicate job openings. C’mon, you know the importance of having a plan. A smart digital communications strategy includes a mobile-friendly website; informative and entertaining social media posts on several networks, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn; compelling emails; and maybe even some online advertising. To ensure maximum impact and hold down the costs of outreach, it’s vital both to engage in forums where your job candidates are and to ensure they can find you easily online. Search engines have emerged as powerful tools for employers, and there are many to consider using to produce the best results. Our digital marketing partner, metro Denver-based Get Found Fast, has developed a Construction Recruitment Package to help construction firms find new workers. “The program works so well that one of our clients trying to hire 12 individuals to serve on several Colorado job sites met their goal after only two weeks,” co-owner Kenny Marks said. To learn more about Get Found Fast’s recruitment package, call 303-952-4900.