Are you as tired as we are of telemarketers real and robotic calling your mobile?

Then we bet you’ll have a good deal of fun learning about “bot blockers” — and we certainly hope you have as much fun as one of our clients, a busy cybersecurity executive who listens to the best of what his phone records during the work week and plays back those “conversations” for us on Fridays before everyone leaves the office for the weekend. We’re often crying with laughter!

Our top recommendations for bot blockers

1. RoboKiller is especially good fun because it engages the caller (again, the caller can be an actual person or bot) with recordings of a variety of voices. You can set a “persona” to answer YOUR phone — and it will say just enough to keep the conversation going. Get your bot to talk to a telemarketing bot, and the results can be comedy gold!

2. TrueCaller is reportedly especially good for Android (although it works with iPhones, too). This app doesn’t provide the fake recordings RoboKiller does — so some entertainment value is lost. However, its database is extensive and amazing: TrueCaller intercepts SMS and calls, and it flashes an alert on your mobile screen when a call is coming from a known scammer or telemarketer.

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