We’re often inspired by our clients’ success — and count Pam Altendorf of rural Goodhue, Minn., among the most talented executives with whom we’ve had the privilege to work. She’s a senior vice president sales leader for Norwex, an experienced sales consultant — and a stay-at-home mom of five children.

When she got her first look at Norwex’s green-cleaning products in 2008, Mrs. Altendorf didn’t set out to become one of the top sales executives at the rapidly growing, global, direct-home-sales firm. At the time, she was recovering from treatment of renal cell carcinoma and was just really interested in the concept of removing all harmful chemicals from her home. She initially became a Norwex consultant thinking she could sell its products very part-time to get the company’s discounts. However, her goals changed only one month later when her husband was laid off from work. That’s when Mrs. Altendorf sprang into action, teaching herself much about how to build a business.

In just a few, short years, she has become a leader of one of Norwex’s most successful and collaborative sales teams — and Media Salad is there to help her develop and manage the communications that assist more than 9,000 Norwex consultants living nationwide who are hard at work building their own businesses. With our help, Mrs. Altendorf has created a wide range of tools the Norwex consultants she guides can use to increase sales. Through a secure website she provides exclusively for Green Team members, Mrs. Altendorf delivers an array of resources — including online discussion forums, event calendars and a work-at-your-own-pace learning platform — to help Norwex consultants build their careers and meet their goals.

Want to increase your sales or build a sales team that is continually informed, inspired and meeting goals? Contact Media Salad for more information.

Mrs. Altendorf believes her success comes from every effort she makes to help others be successful, too. We invite you to view this presentation she gave about her Norwex career in 2015.