Twitter users may find their feed looks a little different in the near future as the social media company has hinted at incorporating an algorithm into how the service functions.

That’s according to an article at MediaPost, which reported Twitter Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto suggested one of the world’s largest social media platforms may be moving to a Facebook-like news feed. Algorithms are widely used by companies like Facebook and Google to correlate and organize content and could be use by Twitter to organize  tweets by what people want to see the most in their feeds. While that has many Twitter users anxious and concerned, it could be a revolutionary move for Twitter. Currently users see all posts from all those they follow in a chronological timeline.

The possible move comes at a time when Twitter is seeing gradually more users disengaging with the service, which is why MediaPost’s Catharine P. Taylor thinks the algorithm-ordered Twitter could help boost those numbers:

“Even when the feed isn’t clogged with an endless stream of self-promoters, it can be desperately hard to make sense of, particularly after someone starts following a critical mass of people,” Taylor wrote. “While Twitter users should — and often do — carefully select who they follow, it doesn’t seem to make much difference in managing the content jumble. “