We’re honored to help Gilmore Construction rise to every business-presentation challenge. The Denver company this morning announced it has been awarded a $1.2 million contract by the Mental Health Center of Denver to renovate an existing office building into housing.

Media Salad’s team of sharp business writers and editors worked with Gilmore’s top executives to deliver the winning proposal.

Gilmore will begin the work at 1555 Humboldt St., in mid August. The apartments are expected to open by the start of 2015.

Jake Gilmore, Gilmore’s chief executive officer, recently explained to MHCD officials:

“Gilmore Construction is deeply committed to strengthening the communities we serve, and we would be honored to help with the construction of apartments that could help otherwise vulnerable people live independently. We’re more than expert construction managers: we’re also parents, siblings, children and friends whose lives have been shaped by various mental health concerns.”

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