Have a tight deadline and a seemingly impossible mission to hit it? Media Salad thrives in those circumstances! Case in point: our team is celebrating another multimillion-dollar contract win for a client in the commercial construction industry!

On short notice and with only 72 hours to work, Media Salad’s team — a researcher, editor and graphic designer — collaborated with the company’s corporate executives to deliver a two-volume, 55-page document that helped the firm land a $X million project. The winning proposal included highly technical details about the company’s approach to construction, quality assurance, client communication, job site safety and workplace diversity. It featured organizational charts outlining management structures and personable bios about key executives and project managers.

“You know those times when a business lead falls into your lap at the last minute, you don’t know where to start, and it feels as if your hair is on fire? Yeah, that’s when our clients know to call us,” said Christine Tatum, Media Salad’s founder and chief executive officer. “We’ve lived those scenarios many times over many years. We fully understand the importance of precision, clarity and compelling presentation.”

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