When Denver-based RNR Design Group spotted a last-minute opportunity to compete for a contract with Denver Public Schools, the Web design firm contacted Media Salad for help.

The deadline for responding to the district’s request for proposals? We had about 72 hours.

Boy, did we have a lot of work to do — but we did it. Fast. And with excellence. The proof? RNR won the roughly $130,000 contract to assist the district with the development and promotion of an online portal connecting parents, teachers and students.

Here’s just a glimpse of how Media Salad helped RNR win the business:

Website writing and editing: When the design firm caught wind of this business opportunity, it was in the throes of overhauling its corporate website. On short notice and an even shorter deadline, Media Salad’s skilled editors and writers wrote and edited more than a dozen pages of web content — including most of the site’s corporate bios, promotional text and client case studies. Our work ensured Denver Public Schools officials would find a polished and professional candidate for the contract they had to offer.

RFP development and writing. With RNR’s website shining, we turned our attention to the district’s RFP. Media Salad took the lead on structuring the business proposal, detailing the deliverables and their timeline for delivery. Media Salad’s editors provided thoughtful, clear and precise answers to the district’s questions and wrote case studies so that they would speak directly to the district’s needs. The editors’ expertise in aspects of public education helped RNR convincingly explain its unique qualifications for the job. All RNR had to do was format the document for submission.

Presentation assistance. On the day of RNR’s big meeting with Denver Public Schools, Media Salad researchers worked closely with RNR, helping the firm answer district officials’ questions about the finer points of effective communications within educational settings. With Media Salad’s help, RNR conveyed a knowledge — and know-how — that trumped its competitors.

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