Hewlett-Packard’s print-on-demand magazine service, MagCloud, is worth a long look. We’re certainly studying it.

Starting at just 20 cents a page, you, too, could produce a full-color, glossy. Think promotional marketing materials that explain your goods and services. Or how about a catalog? Or a magazine you and hundreds of your wildly talented writer, editor, artist, photographer, programmer and videographer friends from around the world get together to produce in only 48 hours?

You see where we’re going with this. The possibilities are endless.

MagCloud users upload a PDF of their magazine, and let HP handle the rest. The company promises delivery in as little as three days. For additional fees, you can choose polished bindings and options for mailing around the world. MagCloud will even manage mailings and maintain your subscriber database. Magazines can also be made available in digital-only formats and purchased from the MagCloud site for review on desktops and mobile devices.