Our company is busy — but never too busy to train young people to become excellent researchers and communicators.

We’re pleased to introduce Pedro Monedero Izquierdo, who will intern with Media Salad for several months. Pedro is a student at the University Jaume I in Castellon, Spain, where he is majoring in advertising. You can find some of his student work — including a Mercedes-Benz commercial that was named a finalist in a national competition among young creatives in Spain.

By his own admission, Pedro has a lot to learn — and yet we’ve noticed he’s already thinking more smartly about the advertising industry than many people who have been in it for years. Pedro understands that sound research builds the strongest foundation for effective messaging, brand positioning, relationship-building and business development. He understands that the best research isn’t limited to Web searches and canned market reports. It might involve inspection of public records. It might include personal phone calls and visits like those Media Salad makes on behalf of its clients every day.

Pedro also understands that a market shift can happen in an instant: a sordid email compromises a political candidate, an earthquake stops production for months, the price of a key ingredient spikes. While working for Media Salad, he’ll learn more — much more — about how to gather, analyze and report news and information rapidly to inform strategic decisions.

Pedro is keenly interested in social media. We like that about him, too. We recently asked him to share with us some of his favorite blogs for learning about social networks. He gave us this list (and yes, some of these sites are written in Spanish):

El Poder de las Ideas: Creatividad!

Pedro hopes to meet other young innovators in communication while he’s in the Denver area — so you can bet that he’ll be attending an upcoming meeting of Colorado’s chapter of Hacks and Hackers. You’ll also be able to find him on Twitter and Facebook.