With Media Salad’s veteran reporters on your team, you really do stand a chance of being everywhere at once.

The chief executive officer and lead analyst of a cyber-security firm headquartered in Colorado called on Media Salad for help only a few days before heading to a large trade show in Las Vegas. Their goals were to make meaningful and personal connections with executives at a half dozen target companies and to walk away with at least a dozen solid sales leads.

We help you strategize

Covering the show floor — where nearly 1,000 companies and organizations were exhibiting — would have been tough without a smart plan and the help of Media Salad’s veteran reporters, who are experts at working in just about any mission-critical environment. Before the show, we recommended ways for the executives to navigate the event quickly and efficiently and briefed them about target companies and key contacts scheduled to appear there.

We help you execute

During the trade show, the executives frequently tapped into their Media Salad Market Intelligence Portal, where they found continuously updated information about the people, companies and subject matter they specifically wanted to know more about. A Media Salad reporter in Colorado worked on demand to handle their requests for information. As the executives collected business cards and brochures and gleaned leads from conversations, they alerted the reporter — who put the information into context specifically relevant to the cyber-security firm.

“Media Salad connected the dots in ways we never could have in a place like that,” the firm’s CEO said. “So many people we talked to were really impressed by how much we knew about their industry and their operations. Our business-development efforts got off to a great start.”