Sure, you made a stellar presentation that helped you win the deal. But it’s when business is firmly in hand that the real learning about your client starts.

A Denver advertising agency turned to Media Salad for help after landing an account with a large hospital wanting to promote its bariatric surgery services. Within a month, the agency was expected to submit a general plan for a public-outreach campaign. The agency’s account-management team needed to learn in a hurry about bariatric medicine, the physicians who practice it and specific hospital dynamics that result in quality care.

We connect our clients to the experts

Media Salad immediately scouted for the best people to give industry insight to the agency. Our staff quickly introduced the lead account manager — the guy responsible for making that big presentation to the hospital — to a highly skilled surgeon who lives in another state and also has a master’s degree in business administration.

A Media Salad reporter scheduled and facilitated a meeting between the surgeon and the account manager. For two hours, they visited in person and talked in detail about everything the account manager needed to know.

“It really helped to have a highly knowledgeable, objective third party look at the situation and speak openly about it,” the account manager said after the meeting. “I got an insider’s perspective and didn’t have to learn a lot of things about my client the hard way.”

The Media Salad reporter observed the meeting, and, as good journalists do, asked the surgeon plenty of follow-up questions. The reporter’s skillful interviewing helped ensure the account manager didn’t leave out anything important or overlook the potential significance of the surgeon’s remarks and recommendations.

We deliver key insights

Only a few hours after the meeting, Media Salad’s reporter summarized the most salient points of the conversation and loaded them — along with supporting material the surgeon referenced — into the Media Salad Market Intelligence Portal. Our research findings, coupled with the surgeon’s recommendations, served as the foundation for the advertising agency’s general plan for public outreach and helped the account manager make a great presentation.

“Heads nodded the entire time I was in the room,” the account manager said.