In business, it always pays to expect the unexpected.

The chief executive officer of a cyber-security firm headquartered in Colorado attended a business meeting and quickly realized he didn’t know everyone in the room. The meeting had been called by another firm — which failed to alert the CEO that the representative of a third company would be joining them at the table.

Very bad form, we know.

But the CEO, a Media Salad client, knew where to turn for help. He quietly texted a Media Salad reporter with the name of the person he didn’t know, her title and the company she represented. Was the firm a potential competitor? A potential collaborator? Why would it be interested in the deal being discussed?

Media Salad’s veteran reporter immediately searched for answers and e-mailed a brief report that the CEO scanned discreetly on his mobile device. He remained guarded during the meeting — but also knew how to ensure the discussion played completely to his company’s advantage.